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Orange Smorange

Who would’ve thunk it! Or as the original Tud would say, “What will they think of next?!” Of all the petunias that have ever hung in the Tudbink greenhouses(and you know how Van thinks about petunias… Learn to grow them or shame on you.  Thats right, you should be ashamed of yourself.) Orange Flash is probably in …

The weather is changing, the days are long, and you’re itching to get out and plant! We’re here to help you out! We are now open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-8pm, and Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-6pm. Closed Sundays. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

What soil should I use?

Every year we have people ask what the best soil is.  We’ve tried so many we’ve given up trying to remember.  One day a customer came up wih quite a comcept. “What do you guys use?” That did it.  The  only soil you’ll find at Tudbinks is our own… Thats right, the same soil: Growing our …

New Varieties for 2013

Some of the new varieties that we have for spring 2013 are superbells Lemon slice, supertunia Picasso in pink (pictured above) and million kisses begonias. Lemon Slice Superbell Proven Winner® Multi-colored million bell Full Sun Trailing Good for planters or in your beds Blooms all summer Picasso in Pink Petunia Proven Winner Pink surrounded with …