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Tudbink’s Air Plants

Tudbink’s Air Plants – Fun and quirky! Like other plants, air plants have leaves, roots and produce flowers. The difference is that air plants don’t need soil to grow! Display air plants as vertical gardens, terrariums, hanging on walls or ceiling.

Succulents make great gifts!

Tudbink’s Succulent Creations! Perfect for bridal showers, birthday parties, Mother’s Day and gifts. Endless color and texture make these low-maintenance plants extra special in a wide range of creative projects.


Who wouldn’t be taken when laying eyes on this gorgeous new release from Proven Winners! “Deep dark foliage and sunset red, semi-double blooms is hard to resist in Dahlightful™ Sultry Scarlet. Unlike some Dahlias, the Dahlightful™ series keeps on producing flowers from early through late in the season so you’ll have color longer in the garden. Standing …

Planting Lancaster… And Your Wedding

The city of Lancaster has been a second home for us even though we are home grown in Conestoga. Our Customized planters combine the best of country living and uptown sophistication. It goes without saying that our arrangements are as big a hit at the wedding venues as they have been downtown. Whether you want …