Some of Tudbinks’s popular sites for custom planters include Binns Park, City of Lancaster intersections, Tanglewood Golf Course, and many other homes throughout our region.
Van Binkley and the staff at Tudbinks Nursery have played a major roll in the new look and design of the City of Lancaster. Not only does Van make Binn’s Park planters look amazing, he also continues to use his expertise and design ideas to beautify the City with his plantings at four (4) major intersections in our downtown area. The City of Lancaster is undergoing a major Stormwater Management Program which includes the installation of many rain gardens along City Streets and Parks.

Van can be relied upon to help with any problems or questions that may arise from the staff at the City of Lancaster’s Parks Department.

Last year the City of Lancaster has also started a program to beautify the entrances to all City Parks and without the help and expertise of Tudbinks Nursery this would not have been possible.

Van is the City’s own ‘Mr. Greenjeans’ and we honestly enjoy working with him and his staff.
Donna Jessup

In addition, we have many happy customers that enjoy our residential container designs:

Thank you for the amazing job you have done on my property for the last few years. The potted planters are always so beautiful, and they receive so many compliments. The fact that you periodically check on them is an added bonus. I have always enjoyed the plantings you have done in my flower beds, especially since you respect my preference for pink, purple, yellow, and white flowers…and no orange! I look forward to the awesome job you’ll do for me this year and in the years to come. Thank you for your creativity and professionalism.
Pat Deerin
We asked Tudbinks to come out to our home and give us a hand and some ideas with our new home flowers. We have a French Country style home and we wanted that European look for our window boxes and planters. I’m an artist and I designed our home, but we wanted to besure the planters were complimentary to our design. We figured they could do ours boxes and planters the first year and then we would copy it the years to follow.
However, the flower boxes and planters Tudbinks did for our home, blew us away! Neighbors and even strangers stopped to ask us about our flowers. Needless to say Tudbinks has been doing our flowers ever since. Our flowers are traffic stoppers.
The Blues of Wrightsville, PA