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We specialize in “urbanscaping”

Urban what?

I know, it sounds like something involving a skateboard, but that would be incorrect. This hip new concept is the buzz word for some of our most cutting edge work, simply put, bringing the rugged beauty of our Conestoga countryside and arranging it in the heart of the city. Traditional landscaping in metro areas is expensive at best, if not impossible, due to the enormous amount of non negotiable concrete, asphalt and fixtures, (Urbanscaping brings green to the city streets without taking excessive green from the budget.) by using inground or above ground containers. Holding fertile growing medium, the containers produce explosive color without damaging the infrastructure of the city streets.

This green-up softens the harshness of these streets not by overwhelming mass, but with small well aimed brush strokes of living material.

Recently, the city of Lancaster has raised the bar in this green-up with the installation of sophisticated rain gardens. These in-ground gardens are engineered to take a bite out of storm water run-off and then hold that precious moisture to produce a major horticultural statement. These are exciting days to be a Lancastrian and the passion is spreading. Clients from all walks of life are taking advantage of these revenue producing, hope inspiring signs of life on the streets, at the mall and by your front door.

Tudbink’s – providing solutions for property owners and managers including custom design and installation of planters, irrigation, beds and borders.

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