Custom Residential Landscaping

At Tudbink’s, we make every residential landscaping project personal. We get to know our clients and their needs. Each property is a new and different experience, so we treat our landscaping projects that way.

For residential landscaping, there’s the typical process – and then there’s the Tudbink’s process. Typically, landscapers will show homeowners drawings of their property with the new installations, and homeowners will then make tweaks. After work starts, homeowners often realize that their property doesn’t resemble the drawing as closely as they’d hoped.

After everything is said and done, properties don’t match what homeowners expect from drawings – it’s tough to translate a 2D diagram into the 3D world. It’s often difficult to fully visualize all of the colors, textures, and sizes involved in a landscaping project through a drawing alone.

That said, drawings and mapping can be effective for some projects, but aren’t always the best solution. So we made our own.

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The Tudbink’s Process

Landscaping is always hands-on, but we take it one step further. After we get to know the homeowners and their land, we get to work. Whether our homeowners already have an idea of what they’re looking for or don’t know where to start, we will walk them through what is best for their property and their budget. Next, we pick up the plants from the greenhouse and physically bring them to the property.

We’ll then implement a landscape “set-up” and place the plants where the homeowners initially chose, and talk it over. That way, homeowners can step back and see everything in position on their property before we begin installation. Afterward, if our homeowners want to make any adjustments, we’ll shift the plants across a property so the set-up looks just as the homeowner wants it.

Being able to see how properties transform is critical during the planning phase. And with our process, homeowners have satisfaction in knowing the final result will look exactly as they planned.

Van Binkley brings a rare combination of visionary design, in the field experience, and implementation to a landscape project. We have been impressed with the results and have employed Tudbinks services on multiple assignments over the past 2 years.
Dwight Wagner, Owner Tanglewood Golf Club