Perhaps you have heard that Tudbink’s is a bit unconventional, likes to plant in containers, but outside the box? Well buckle up, because when it comes to landscaping we are outside the box and outside the container.

So what happened? Why will you hear us speaking a different language when we walk through your project with you? You’ll understand that we can’t reveal our trade secrets until we are with you, but we can suggest that this new groove is because of three things in the landscaping world that need a tiny tweak. Here they are…

  1. First and foremost, landscapes are just large versions of a container installment, and what makes a memorable installation? One word, innovation. I think because we were growers before we became landscapers we try new things quicker because we have always been trying to keep in step with the industry. Some of our best designs featured items that were waiting for a home at our nursery, unwanted because no one had seen them before. What a tough rap!
  2. Second, the installment needs to look great now and in seven years, so we plan to make adjustments as the years go on when certain items are no longer needed. Maximum density the whole way through.
  3. Finally, Tudbink’s implement a landscape set-up when doing a design layout so that you can step back and see your selections in position before we plant. Sadly, many of our first design layouts that we do for some folks first involve tearing out material that was installed only a few years earlier. What went wrong? The layout was not what they had hoped for and did not realize it because they could not understand the plan. Plans are a big help, but they don’t come with 3-D glasses. Believe it or not, most folks are too embarrassed to speak up and say they “can’t see it” and presto, big disappointment.

Hardscaping, lighting, water features, and rain gardens, we will go as far as your imagination wants to go. So let’s get the fear out of our eyes and let’s do this thing!

Van Binkley brings a rare combination of visionary design, in the field experience, and implementation to a landscape project. We have been impressed with the results and have employed Tudbinks services on multiple assignments over the past 2 years.
Dwight Wagner, Owner Tanglewood Golf Club